Thursday, June 12, 2008

Little blessing

Here is little Ms. Leah, she hated the dress, and cried most of the time during the shoot, but I really love how this one turned out! And one of her after her party, happy as can be! And just because I love how this one of Addi turned out, here she is as well!

Sticky pops!

I've been wanting to try this shoot forever, the big lollies and the kids! It was so windy out that I was worried my plan would be foiled, can't have Ella's hair in her sucker! Well we found this little corner and let the kids go to town, and can I just say what a mess Jack's sticky pop was??

Jack at 2!

Here is the little man, they sure do grow quick! Being that the boy can move, and fast, I am happy with what I got here, and lucky!

Cameron at 10!

The year he has been waiting for, double digits!

Taylor's 14 year old shoot

Here is my beautiful girl, all grown up!!!